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Location #1 + Location #2 = Double the taste for you!

Downtown: 118 East 17th Street Cheyenne
11am to 9pm Monday - Saturday

Dell Range: 1802 Dell Range Blvd. #2 Cheyenne
11am to 9pm Monday - Sunday

Yep, the sequel is as good as the original. Checkout our NEW second location at
1802 Dell Range – we’re doubling up the flavor and doubling up the fun.

Drop in and say hello, we’ve got a burger and a shake waiting for you!

Burger of the Month

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The 2 Double D Double

This BURGER OF THE MONTH is going to make you flip! It's a take on the traditional soda fountain cheeseburger... ONLY BETTER!! This burger comes with double meat, double American cheese, ketchup, mustard, pickle, lettuce, tomato, and onion. Our special is complemented with bottomless fries.


Old-Fashioned Sundae

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We’re serious about making a burger just the way you like it, starting with the patty. Any burger on the menu can be made with hand-cut, never frozen, specially seasoned beef, grilled or breaded chicken breast, tender salmon fillet, or a surprisingly tasty, carnivore-approved 100% vegetarian burger.

Then choose from our selection of tried and true burger-topping masterpieces, or get adventurous with one of our seasonal specialties.

Finish it off with a side of wings or fried mushrooms (yum!)… or toss the burger and devour a salad. It’s up to you.

Full menu ahead...

What's Cookin'?

August Updates

Summer Is Heating Up!

Bring some friends and come on down to watch the game and enjoy this month's special with a refreshing Coke! Scan the QR code and use your Apple or Android device to view specials, freebies, menus, and loyalty coupons!


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The Company

With the hospitality of the world’s greatest neighbors, Cheyenne natives Jerry and Sandy Inniss serve up fantastic made-to-order food while you kick back, chit-chat, play games, talk shop, or just plain hang out. Open in 2009, 2 Doors Down is, well, just two doors down from their other popular restaurant, Pizzeria Venti.

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